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Sparring & Forms Team Practice Times

Join the team come train with Grandmaster Spillmann and Master An.

Every Tuesday at Corona Central 5:15pm to 6:45pm & Saturdays 1:15pm to 2:30pm

Please visit this web page weekly to see if any dates change or if there are practice cancellations.

Now registering competition team members

"If your academy Is Not Listed Check With Your Instructor"




Demo Team Practice Dates & Times

Mandatory Practice:


Both teams:  All Testing Days

Pizza 1:30pm- 2:15pm

Note: Some Dragon Team Skit participants may be asked to stay after the pizza party if necessary.


Testing Days:

Both teams and parents will need to help out at the testing. Jobs will be assigned the week before testing (parents sign up with head parent).  Those who help with the floor and unloading of the van will need to arrive by 7:30am at Santiago.  Everyone else will need to arrive by 7:45am to go over floor pattern.  More details to come…


*If you cannot make any practices please contact Inst. Spillmann ASAP:  Email Us  (messages can be left)


*If you cannot make the mandatory practice or testing day, you will need to wait until after November to rejoin the team.  This is more of a show than a demo this time, so we need to practice costume changes and skit transition with all participants.*


*Certain skits may have extra practices or meetings to discuss costumes or work on timing, etc.*

We ask that parents assist in the set-up and break-down of testing.

You need to give a one week notice if you will be missing any practice dates. If you miss practices, you will be bumped from your skit and you risk being dismissed from the team. If you miss any red dates, you will be dropped from the team.

Remember, you are on a team, and skits are earned through time and ranking. Do not lose your position on the team. If you need to be excused for several months from the team, you will need to work towards earning back your position.  Position = Skit difficulty

How do I earn a main floor position:
(Top Billing)
1) Practice Frequently.
2) Memory and retention of material is very important.
3) Try to master your learned weapons.
4) Be a self-starter and hone your learned skits.
5) Maintain top school grades.
6) Work on your flexibility.
7) Work on shyness.
8) Show leadership skills.
9) Set a good example to all students.
10) Listen to your masters & instructors
11) Make the Team your priority; don't miss practices.
12) Demonstration team practice comes before any other team activity.
13) Do not be late to practices. (You may be asked to leave if you are late)
14) Parental support on set up and clean up at demonstrations and testings.
15) Support your team.


If you can't show or behave like you can handle the new material, you will not have a main part until you develop or improve those needed skills. 

Note: Parents/Adults- do not ask or demand that the instructor place you or your child on center stage or ask for harder material.  We are the professionals, and ATC takes our competition team practices seriously.

We will not tolerate with any comments, threats or disrespect towards other team members. This will cause you to be removed from the demonstration team. (read example)

Example: My son/daughter wants to learn another weapon or a harder trick because he/she is bored, and he/she will "quit" the team.

ATC Definition - the child is not serious, or the parents think their child is at a higher level than the student actually is. The reality is the child has not become proficient or shown he/she can handle or have the responsibility to learn more skills.


 If you cannot make any practices please contact your team captain ASAP: 

Email:  (messages can be left)



2013 National Demo Team Members

If you are not listed and want to add your name please email us.

Team Masters
Grandmaster Park
Grandmaster K. Spillmann
Grandmaster M. Lind
Master J. Safa
Master Son
Master A. Davis 

Team Instructors
Instructor J. Spillmann
Instructor D. Decker
Instructor J. Decker
Instructor G. Duran
Instructor Z. Wible 


Team Directors - In Charge of Team

Team Co-Directors

Demo Team Leader Captains 

Team Leaders

Team Members