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We have been instructing for over 25 years and we have experience with teaching thousands of students, young and old, and making them excel in their futures and improving their lives.

Many of our students have gone on to become Successful Business Leaders, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Community Leaders,so please have patience with your child and treat TaeKwonDo training as a education. 

Receiving a prestigious Black Belt at one of our academies means you want to be a leader and you want to be the best. Our academy is for parents that want their children to excel in life education and want the very best for their children's future.  All  Masters and Instructors are Certified and our proven program has changed so many peoples lives in a fun energized way. 

Anything worth learning takes time; Dancing, TaeKwonDo, Painting and Music are all arts and should be treated as a life education.

Meaning of Life Education: Anything that positively improves or enhances and cultures an individual’s life.Instructing people to access high performance states of mind, wisdom, innate well-being, & common sense.


Our Programs Assist in these areas:

Confidence, Control, Focus, Determination, Positive Attitude, Self Disciple,
Self Defense, Sport Enhancement, Getting in shape, Manners, Etiquette and Improving School Grades:


Parent Academy Rules:

· If class has started please knock. Do not enter without instructors’ permission.

· Please do not block this door or sit on the stairs. (Safety Reasons)

· Please supervise your child/children until instructor starts class.

. Please supervise all small children/infants so they don't disturb class or other parents.

. Do not yell into the class room or correct your child, this is rude and disturbs classroom focus.

. Remember 3yr-4yr olds are normally jumpy and not focus, give them time to learn, trust your instructor.

· Have patience with the learning process, we are martial arts professionals.

.  Do not ask to have your child to be pushed ahead or advanced to a older level class, it is not a race, it is a art,
the more you put in the more you will benefit with better technique.

.  Every student is great in their own way, so don't tell your instructor how special your child is, only time will tell.

.  If a student is late for class, additional warm-up exercises will be assigned.

· Parents should view TaeKwonDo as a life education that will benefit a child's future.

· Everyone is required to refer new students, this helps the tuition fees stay reasonable.

· Tuition dues not include testing, camps or tournaments. There is an extra fee to cover  materials and time.

· All camp and testing applications should be returned one week before the event.

· Always print neatly on all applications. This will assist  in preventing any spelling errors.

· There are no classes on testing days. Days will be posted and mentioned in class and online.

· There will be a after testing ceremony and party. Students must attend to receive their belt and awards.

· Parents are required to bring a favorite dish to the after testing party. Please support your child on this special day.

· Please support your child/children's academy and instructors.

. TaeKwonDo at higher levels becomes more challenging (Just like school and life) so commitment is important
 from student and parents. If needed ask your instructor for a heart-to-heart chat with your child to re-motivate them.

· Please communicate your child's home discipline, etiquette or scholastic difficulties with your instructor.

· ATC offers Home Report Cards for  parents to fill out and return to the instructor.

· ATC also offers School Report Cards for the teachers to fill out, to let us know about any improvements.

. Tuition is due before the 7th of the month after that date there will be a late fee added.