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Little Lions Benefits (3yr - 6yr)

Our  Little Lions programs for ages 3yr to 6yr teaches self-control, self defense, manners and goal setting. Academy Masters and Instructors promote a positive attitude in your child. Children learn balance drills through coordination drills, focus drills, the proper techniques of the martial arts, while learning basic tumbling and having fun staying in shape. Children love our academy, and our Instructors care enough about all our students to teach proper age appropriate martial arts, not violence. 


Our program helps develop a positive leader for a better tomorrow.

We do not teach violence we teach life self defense

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Self-defense and bully-control training are also important parts of Little Lions classes, with a focus on communication, child safety skills and conflict avoidance training. We use plenty of positive encouragement while instilling self discipline and developing better focus. 

At this young age we start to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten, so they start with a greater ability to focus and complete the tasks given to them by their teachers and parents. Once they move to the junior program, ATC will start to require more from every child and will hold them responsible to practice techniques and stretching daily. Training at ATC will also bring harmony to your home and siblings will learn to be kinder to each other.

ATC also offers Master Club classes were students have opportunities to attend special training classes in several other styles. Remember not all martial arts are the same don't waste your monies on non-martial art facilities which just teach improper techniques and are not certified to teach martial arts or children. As in music, hiring a saxophone teacher to teach piano just so the child has something to do doesn't make sense. All it will do is give your children a false sense of confidence and create a shaky foundation for your child’s/ children’s future. Bad habits are hard to break.