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About Us

Over 32 Years Instructing In The Martial Arts




Our martial arts academies offer great martial arts training.  When you commit to train at any of our licensed facilities, you can be assured that you are learning from professional instructors and leaders in your community, all of whom are abiding by our standards of instruction. Our Masters and Instructors are certified, constantly attend seminars and are recertified yearly by Grandmaster Lind, an internationally certified examiner/ referee, as well as by other world renowned Grandmasters. Grandmaster Lind personally, tests every Black Belt and Junior Black Belt, (9yr-15yr) assuring the quality of instruction at each facility.


Our martial arts facilities are unique, family-oriented training centers, dedicated to teaching proper self defense and furthering the mental and physical inner strength of each individual. Our commitment is to help all individuals become the best they can be. Our specialized martial arts programs for ages 3 years to adult are designed to develop character, self discipline, self defense, success, goal setting, leadership and life skills. 

Our facilities do not teach violence, but we do teach a more intense program of self-defense. Our students also improve in focus, self control, self determination, perseverance, concentration, cooperation, confidence, respect, integrity and learning to deal with life’s daily stress and any negativity that can muddle up our lives.  

We have a record of developing strong martial artists, leaders and outstanding members in our communities.  We also track all students and maintain a database of student academic performance.  All high level students and Junior Black Belts must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to maintain their ranking, and all academic achievers are awarded for their excellence. However, we do understand special circumstances and individual achievements which will be discussed with your local academy Master.

We offer an extensive curriculum that is rooted in tradition, yet we are progressive and innovative in the areas of teaching and positive philosophies. Our facilities create a positive and empowering environment for all ages and welcome seniors, adults, teenagers, children and families.  

When you choose our facility, you are choosing to train with great martial art instructors.