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"If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month" - Unknown

"When you blame others for all your troubles, you give up your power to improve your life" - GMS

When you choose to earn your belt at any of our ATC branch member training centers you are choosing to train with great instructors and masters. You can also be confident that our member schools have the experience, training methods and a balanced curriculum to give you the needed knowledge and training to become a great student, black belt. instructor, master or future academy owner.

For over 20 years our member schools have improved many lives and have produced many top instructors, masters, leaders, athletes and sport competitors. Our structured progam has assisted students to excel in life and overcome obsticles. Many of our younger students have received top academic awards, community awards and have gone on to many major universities. Our member academies and their Masters, Instructors and Students have won many competitions, medals, trophies, and some have won national championships.  


All beginners to black belts are welcome to train with our martial arts family. 
Learn martial arts at one of our USA or World member academies.

If you are a school owner and would like to join and grow with a great organization please visit our organization website. 



When you choose any member or ATC friendship martial arts training centers you are choosing to train with great instructors and masters. You can also be confident that our instructors have the experience and the training methods and a balanced curriculum to give you the needed knowledge and training to become a great future black belt.  For over 20 years our member academies have improved many lives and have produced many top instructors and master level instructors.

The child development methods practiced at ATC are based on the “whole child” principle. The method has always been part of the ATC curriculum but was refined during the expansion and growth of the organization in the new millennium (June 2000).  With the addition to ATC Headquarter Staff of Master Instructor J. Spillmann, the already strong program was given a renewed and more refined perspective.   Master Spillmann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and has an extensive comprehension of the issues facing today’s youths as they grow and learn in an adverse society.  She incorporates her understanding and skills into the ATC Whole Child Program which has grown to be an even stronger, more effective method of emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth assistance.

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This sites is for schools that cooperate together to promote martial art excellence.  All locations listed are independently owned and operated member academies.  Please visit any academy listed on our site for a Free Trial Lesson.  To qualify to list your academy as a friendship school or list your event please Click here. and tell us about your martial arts history.

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2017 Nashville TN - News

On Saturday May 6th, 2017 students from ATC Gallatin  representing Sumner County competed at the Music City TaeKwonDo Classic.  The students fought double eliminations and did a great job.
The Gallatin students were coached by Grandmaster Spillmann, Master Andrew Davis Spillmann and Master Kurt Spillmann.  The eight students plus Master Kurt Spillmann competed at the USA TaeKwonDo sanctioned event. The competitors brought home a total of 6 Gold, 10 Silvers awards in patterns, breaking and sparring. 

2016 Austin TX - News

ATC Branch AWIN Martial Arts TaeKwonDo - Great job to the students at AWIN and special recognition to Drew.


2016 Gallatin TN News


Five (GMA) Gallatin Martial Arts Center CompetitionTeam Members competed at the AAU TaeKwonDo Qualifier Tournament on Saturday March 19th, in Lebanon TN. 

GMA students were rewarded for all their efforts and perseverance with gold and silver medals at the tournament. Throughout the year, these students practiced diligently while maintaining top grades in school and working to be leaders in their community. This past weekend, all their hard work and training paid off at the AAU TaeKwonDo Qualifier when they all qualified for The AAU Junior Olympics in TX. This outstanding accomplishment presented the students with the option of traveling to Texas to compete at the Junior Olympic level in Martial Arts.
All GMA students are taught by and coached by Grandmaster Konrad Spillmann 8th Degree Black Belt, Master Andrew Davis 4th Degree Black Belt & Master Kurt Spillmann 4th Degree Black Belt 

2016 Gallatin TN News


GMA brings home the Gold for Gallatin.

On 01/30/2016 Gallatin Martial Arts located at 242 W Broadway had two black belt compete at the Music City TaeKwonDo Classic in Murfreesboro this weekend. The two Gallatin area student where trained by Grandmaster Spillmann and his sons Master Davis Spillmann and Master Kurt Spillmann. Both GMA students fought hard and were coached by Master Kurt Spillmann

Elena Alvarado 10 years old pushed hard for three rounds and won the sparring match by over a 10 point advantage. She also won Gold in forms and Gold in an exhibition match sparring with an older boy. 

Gabriel Alvarado 12 years old had an incredible sparring match winning in the boys black belt division and taking home Gold he also took home Sliver in forms. They will be attending the next AAU National Qualifier trying to gain a spot to compete in the Junior Olympics in 2016 in Houston TX. Gallatin Martial Arts has trained many National Champions over 35 years.


2015 Gallatin News

Master Davis & Master Spillmann Galltin Branch students won big at the Nashville Music City Tournament. Student took home many first palce awards. Gallatin Martial Arts 242 W. Broadway Gallatin TN 37066

2014 Corona North News: 

Grandmaster Lind is back teaching and supervising classes at Corona North and the acdemy is growing in a positive way. We also send congrats to Mo Mustafa who has been elivated to the level of Instructor 2nd Dan Black Belt in HapKiDo. We also send out shouts to T-Instructor Fernandez who is now Instructor Fernandez 3rd Dan Black Belt.  They both have spent many years to earn their levels. Keep up the good work. Corona ATC 281 Dupont St Corona CA 92879



2014 Corona West News:  

Master Mercuri has opened his own branch academy and we wish him great growth.  







March 2013 Lake Elsinore TaeKwonDo ( Korean Karate)

Great Job to all the students and Instructor Duran for having fantastic students.. 




India Branch Academy:

Master Babu is taking India by storm. Developing quality Martial Art students in a Christian way.




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 Amerstate University
Martial Arts & Business Degrees

A Future in The Martial Arts Business

World Class Certification:

We offer world class certification from some of the top federations and unions.

International TaeKwonDo Federation
USA Taekwondo Union
American Athletic Union
ATC - School Certification
The Korean Kido Association
Korean Hapkido Federation
TaeKwondo international

We offer different certifications programs.

There is no specific certificate that is good everywhere in the world, but all these certificates are recognized. If you move to another part of the country you might not find a specific organization but they will start you at your current keup level. Dan levels will be adjusted based on that new school’s curriculum. 

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"Changing Peoples Lives"


Welcome to one of the area’s top martial arts, leadership development and self-defense program.

We been offering professional martial arts training for over 20 years. Our organization is a Beginner to Master Training level centers that offers top instruction from World Certified Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors. Academy Grandmasters over the last 30 years, has personally developed many top masters who teach in many cities in the United States and other countries. 

If you are a beginner or a Black Belt and you want to learn great martial arts, look for a certified Master or Instructor. That way you can be assured the Masters, Instructors and Black Belts are being trained and updated on all new methods of instruction by world renowned Grandmasters.  We not only work hard to offer great instruction in self defense and martial arts, but also has a track record of developing martial art leaders who strive for academic excellence, leadership, self discipline, goal setting and manners.

Many students graduating from our  leadership programs not only have learned practical self defense and great martial arts, they have moved on to top universities. We believe martial arts training is about improving students’ lives, culturing the students, overcoming fears, overcoming obstacles, persevering, developing leadership skills, learning proper self defense and balancing the mind & body, all while not teaching violence.

We offer so many benefits to its students, plus full-time professional instruction in our fully equipped, modern facilities in the following areas: Aliso Viejo, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Prescott Valley, Riverside and Turlock area and our world locations in India, Spain, Brazil and Peru. All Member Schools are independently owned and operated and are licensed and authorized to teach our extensive curriculum.

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Summer Camp 2012 - July 13th -14th -15th

Congratulations to all the new Black Belts.  Great job Instructor Mercuri reaching the level of Master. Camp was a great learning and intense experience. Over 50 people attended thisgreat annual event. Students had a great opportunity to learn from Grandmaster Lind, Master Son (TaeKwonDo / HapKiDo) Master Baez (TaeKwonDo) Grandmaster Master Ko (GumDo) Students had a great time improving their martial art techniques and making new friends. Join us in 2013 for another great event.




November 13th-14th 2010 - India Championships


Great job to Master Babu and our branch academy\ies in India. The students won many sparring awards and did a fantastic job. 

May 1st 2010 - MAM Championhips

Big Win - 27 Medals. (Forms and Sparing)

We win big again 18 students competed and 14 North Corona Students, 2 Lake Elsinore and 1 South Corona took 1st place medals. Instructor Duran of ATC Lake Elsinore won 1st place.

17 Gold medals

5 Silver

5 Bronze

Great Job ATC Fight Team and ATC Members.


March 2010 - California States

Students win big. 7 students competed and took home 6 medals and 5  Students qualify for the Junior Olympics and Master Gover Qualified for the Senior US Nationals. We are very proud of all students that attended this big event. Everyone did a great job and tried their best.

Corona Feb 2010 Testing.. Great Day- Over 300 Hundred Students Tested




Proud  members of TaeKwonDo International

November 7th 2009 Seminar Vermont

Grandmaster Spillmann was invited to Vermont by Master Gover's teacher "Master Donnelly" and several other Masters in other martial arts (Karate, Jiujitsu, KungFu, Moo Gong Do) attended this grand event.

The seminar and Black Bellt tesing in Vermont was a great event with many students testing for high ranks in TaeKwonDo. Grandmaster Spillmannn did a self defense seminar and everyone had a great time. That evening the black belts tested and received their new Dan Ranks.

Instructor Davis Spillmann and Master Gover also went to spend several days training with friends and assisted in the seminars and enjoyed the Vermont Cuisine. Grandmaster asssited in teaching and grading the Dan Students and he also went to support Master Gover and Master Sicely for their 5th Dan Black Belt Test.

2010 Summer Camp

Over 60  Students had a great time. Learning Advanced Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and JiuJitsu. We had a great time learning from world famous Masters. 

Fall Camp -  October 3rd 2009

Over 30 Students Attended and Several Tested for a New Dan - Great event for all students.

TaeKwon-Do International
President Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim 9th Dan

06/06/09 Las Vegas Seminar
25 Years Together


Grandmaster Kim, Grandmatser Spillmann, Master Lind and Instructor Mercuri

Please contact your Academy







Y.K. KIM'S Martial Art World
Grandmaster Y.K. Kim 9th Dan

Martial Art World Grandopening June 2009

Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, Grandmaster Spillmann & Master Lind - Together for over 30 Years.


Only authorized equipment and uniforms only are permitted in class.


Why Choose us:

  • Masters are world certified and train under world renown Grandmasters.
  • Grandmasters and Masters have competed and trained in many countries.
  • Grandmasters have a minimum of 35 years training
  • Masters and Instructors spend a minimum of 8 years training.
  • Staff members are trained in CPR. (ask to see current certification)
  • Staff implement positive motivational instruction in classes.
  • Staff Members are background checked and if needed drug tested.
  • Masters and Instructors are certified by top world organizations.  
  • Masters must attend bi-annual training camps to insure quality instruction.
  • Masters and Instructors attend Federation Seminars to maintain top instruction.
  • Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors are current on all Self Defense trends.
  • Students must attend the required classes and meet all requirements to belt test.
  • Students test if they meet the requirements and the skills need to advance.
  • Students take an average of 4 to 9 years to achieve a Black Belt depending on the style.
  • TaeKwonDo, HapKiDo, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Tai are taught in different classes
  • We offer a Self Defense and Leadership Training Programs.
  • We do not teach violence we are a group of family training centers.
  • We keep records of school grades and student improvements.
  • We offer online grading and student registration 
  • We try to keep tuition and other fees to a minimum and offers family discounts.
  • We offers student referral program to save on tuition and testing fees.
  • We offer discounted contracted programs and non-contract programs.

"Welcome to our family of friendship schools"

Look for a Licensed  or"All locations are independently owned and operated" Friendship Location Near You


Aliso Viejo Martial Arts Karate: 4 Journey Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 TEL (949) 425-0500
Corona Martial Arts Karate 281 Dupont Street #103 Corona CA 92879 TEL (951)520-0200

Prescott Valley Martial Arts Karate: 7485 E 1st Street, Prescott Valley, AZ. 86314 TEL (928) 772-3522
Turlock Martial Arts Karate: 1645 Countryside Drive, Turlock, CA 95380 (209) 667-5972
Lancaster Martial Arts Karate:
42035 10th Street West #115 Lancaster, CA 93534. Tel: (661) 400-2107
Lake Elsinore Martial Arts Karate: 18301 Collier Ave  Unit  A Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 TEL (951) 226-5640

Gallatin Karate Martial Arts  242 West Broadway Street Gallatin TN 37066 TEL (615)989-7945
Longwood Karate Martial Arts 2100 N..Ronald Reagan
Blvd Longwood Fl, Tel (407)767-7070 
Mesquite martial arts 120 East Main Street Mesquite, TX 75149 (972) 288-2891
austin TaeKwonDo - AWin 
27216 Ranch Rd 12, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

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